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Game and shirts!!

I'm selling the last of my 6 Supernatural Cluedo "SUPERCLUE" board
games on eBay at the moment:


Also, I've seen that folks are buying shirts and posters in my
shops for Christmas already,

but I'm sure a little overview wouldn't hurt anyone:

T-Shirts and stuff:

Spreadshirt (US)

Spreadshirt (Germany)

has shirts, sweaters, stickers and postcards

and: a nice calendar for 2013 with photographies of my beautiful garden roses.

I have also some designs on Cafepress

I'm pretty sure Cafepress doesn't like me, because they keep changing
and deleting my tags and you can't find my stuff!
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GISHWHES - please pledge!! It's just a promise not about giving money

My name is Bettina and I’m participating in the world record-making GISHWHES - an international scavenger hunt orchestrated by the charity Random Acts and its founder, Misha Collins. It’s the largest ever held on the planet and one of the items on the list this year is to facilitate worldwide, the biggest number of pledges ever made for random acts of kindness. It’ll make the Guinness World Records if we succeed, but we need help!

In order to make this possible, all a person needs to do is head to this address: and type in a few of your details as well as an act of kindness that you would find simple to do before the end of the year.

An act of kindness can be absolutely anything simple, such as:
I pledge to help an elderly person cross the street.
I pledge to donate an old piece of clothing to a charity.
I pledge to help my cousin with his homework.

Anyone of any age can pledge! However only one pledge is allowed per person, so tell your friends, your family, put this up on facebook or at your work. The more the merrier! Let’s set a world record!
The only special requirement is that when asked at the bottom of the page, please add in my e-mail address: so the records are able to track who asked you to pledge. (This part is very important as it allows for all the final records of the hunt to be kept in order.)
Thank you for your time and help!
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my Jody Mills fanvid - with download link

Vid Title: Falling Inside The Black - Sheriff Jody Mills
Vidder: risenshine22
Songs: Iridescent  and a custom mashup by Titus Jones (Cobrastyle; Armed and Dangerous; Falling Inside The Black; Hard)
Artist: Linkin Park, mashup: Robyn vs Airbourne vs Skillet vs Rihanna
Characters: Sheriff jody Mills plus Supernatural cast
Warnings: violence
Summary: Jody Mills character study
V/N: Huge thank you to Kim Rhodes for suggesting the song Cobrastyle. Includes original material from Robyn's official Cobrastyle video.

Watch it: YouTube
Download: 4shared
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eBay stuff and new shirt design!!